Vonabell is an amazing resource. I initially hired Vonabell (worth every penny!) to tackle my work room. I was in school, working full time and feeling overwhelmed. Hiring Vonabell to organize my life was one of the best things I ever did for myself. She is highly creative, full of energy, and very hardworking. After the miracle performed in my work room – I set her loose on the whole house! Every room has the Vonabell touch– from the color coded file system for my office to the book cases she had the brilliant idea to make out of the sentimental antique specialty wood I had sitting around for years. Now I have a piece of functional furniture  and a beautiful family piece of memorabilia. School is over and I am happy to let that go-But I could not let Vonabell go. I have her back on a monthly basis to keep me in organizational zen. I highly recommend Vonabell and her organizational talents!
-S DeRose, Clearwater , Fl
I have been hiring Vonabell for her organizational expertise since 2008.  She is beyond amazing!
Vonabell can handle any project regardless of size.  The projects she has worked on for me are closets, child’s bedroom, business office, and a 4 car garage (twice – hubby is a pack rat) and packing a 4200 sq. ft. home for storage. Vonabell works very hard every minute and you won’t be disappointed.  
She also has helped me sell unused and unwanted items including screening and meeting prospective buyers.  For donation items, Vonabell has always found the right person or family in need.  If you are in need of any organizational help, Vonabell is the best!  She is always on time, provides accurate estimates and shows you how to maintain the work she has completed.
I already knew Vonabell was a one of a kind great organizer with a great work ethic so I invested in flying her to New York to help me organize the house and the garage. Vonabell turned my unorganized, disastrous garage into a masterpiece– neat, organized and labeled—my neighbors came by and wanted to hire her!  It was a time consuming job with tons of boxes, I had not unpacked in 8 years.  She meticulously organized and labeled all my belongings, in preparation for a future move.  She helped me decide on what to keep, what should go and what could get stored. Since we had just a few days together Vonabell started her day at 7 am and went till dusk—willingly. Talk about a powerhouse!  Inside the house she made my linen closet look like a magazine!  She gave me directions and a timeline for packing up the rest of the house, but got me started by carefully packing some wall decorations and frames. I had a lot of things to sell- Vonabell photographed items, placed ads and taught me how to use Craigslist. Thank you Vonabell!!  It feels great to be ORGANIZED. Hiring Vonabell is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Now, if she would just move to New York so I can have her here monthly! 
Linda Ferguson, NY

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Vonabell is an absolute “gem”. I am so glad I had her to help me get organized. She took me from disorganization to TOTAL organization ! What an incredibly hard worker! She diligently worked from early morning till the job was done. My garage was an absolute mess and she transformed it.She also worked inside the house and the basement as well. Vonabell helped me release things that I really don’t need anymore,donate items that would benefit others and sell items that could bring me some money. I was totally stuck and didn’t know where to start the organizational process. It was such a pleasure to have a professional organizer help me. My teenage daughter wanted to know when we could have her back ! Vonabell is trustworthy,dependable and a Godsend!

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