Vonabell is a multi-talented TV personality who has worked in nearly every area of TV and media. She brings to the table extensive experience and training that has earned her the title of veteran TV talent. Since 2001, Vonabell has been presenting home and family products in the E Retail format. Her efforts have generated over $900 million in sales.

Prior to 2001, Vonabell primarily worked in the New York media sector, appearing in national ads, commercials and magazines.

Vonabell is the perfect choice for a natural and believable spokesperson and host. Whether on-camera, in-print, in commercials or trade shows, Vonabell is always the utmost professional and meets and exceeds all expectations.

Vonabell is proficient in ear prompter, teleprompter, adlib and memorization.

Since participating in E Retail these are just some of the companies she has represented:

All Star Marketing
Axis Marketing
Beauty Walker
Better Things
Big Idea

Buttoned Up
Case Logic
Dial Industries
Diversified Concepts
Duggan and Brown
E6 Products
Earlex Inc
EZ net


Flambeau/Art Bin

Filter Stream

Good Housekeeping
Holmes Group
Hunter Fan
Interlink Inc
Jordon Direct TV

Mag nif Inc
Media Solutions

Mini Max

Product Partners
The Product Network
Pullman Holt
Shop TV
TDP Group
Thermax AF
Thomas Nelson Publishers
V12 Group
Wel Com Products


Thanks Vonabell , great working with you — let’s do this again !

Kevin Harrington, Shark Tank

We thought you were terrific – truly, you’re a pro. I don’t think we could have asked for a better representation. Your performance was masterful. You are a true pleasure.
-John Evanthes, Welcom Products, Inc

The way you presented the brand and your enthusiasm was sincere, exciting and alluring.  Thank you for all your preparation time, energy, ideas and amazing attention to detail to promote Frais in the best light possible. Thank you so much.  You’ve been terrific and we couldn’t have been more pleased with you and your efforts and dedication to our brand. We would not hesitate to team with you again or to recommend you to future brands.
-Michael Davis Smith, Managing Director, Frais, Australia

I am very impressed with how much effort you have put into Quik Brites to make it a success…you are the most professional on air guest I have ever worked with.
-Tom Schutt, All Star, NY

                                     Congratulations!  Excellent job. We will work on getting more inventory asap …….
Bala Iyer, Executive VP of Operations, 
Telebrands, NJ

                   I have total confidence in Vonabell.  She is the most competent and professional guest  talent I                                                          have worked with and she has already perfected both of the demos

                                                                    Diane Ham, Channel Management Inc.

       We are thrilled to have a person of your caliber represent us.
Fantastic work – love it. I had a few moments this morning to watch the show and you did a FANTASTIC job. The set looked perfect and I’m really pleased with your presentation. Thanks again – you are a dynamic and wonderful host.
-Lori V. Gagnon Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Redmon USA

Thank you for your professionalism and attention to detail. I believe this item is going to perform very well with you as our guest host, which will lead to more opportunities within the category.
    -Jim A. Sterbach Sr. Account Manager, Hunter Fan

You rock!
I saw the last airing and you did an amazing job.. you nailed it!
-Julia Benben, Giddy Up!

“You have added such a refreshing presence on HSN for our MiniMax air purifier line. In addition to your preparation and professionalism, you’re belief in the product is so convincing to the viewers…we look forward to more ‘sell outs’ to come!”
-Mark Rodie COO Thermax , LA

Exceptional professionalism and independence.. excellent preparation!
-Troy Anderson, Filterstream Co., Massachusetts

Vonabell, thanks for being so committed to our business, you are a real asset for us! We  could not ask for a better spokesperson.
-Timothy Bennett, V.P. Retail sales, Fellowes Inc.

Your demo for the entire day was full of energy and professionalism …
-Al Scutte, Sales and Marketing, FL

You are a professional in all rights–it was certainly a pleasure to work with you…
-Ken Bagus , Shop TV, CO

You clearly have studied the product and created a compelling presentation. Very nice work…you’re a real Pro..
-Mike Collins, Big idea Group, New Hampshire

You are smart, smooth and natural and most important very knowledgeable and believable on the products you present!
-Harvey Katz, Better Things, Florida

I watched you last night – excellent job – you were brilliant. Great that we sold out. I’m sure as we move forward with HSN on other cleaning products we will need your services ongoing. Thanks again for a great performance.
-Ian Mullaney, Earlex Inc – CEO

Great job with the Onz shows! You hit all the key points and really focused on the key product features and benefits. You have done a great job and I appreciate all your time and effort trying to make this product a success!
Thank you for all your help throughout this process.
-Stefanie Abate , Sr Product Manager, Kenney Manufacturing Co.

We are truly impressed with your organization, preparation and overall acumen.
–First class!
-Mark Nagle, Mag Nif , Ohio

You do such fine work,– so thorough and a pleasure to work with.
You are such a pro ….amazing!
-Tammy Babitzki, HSN

That is fantastic Vonabell…Thanks for all you have done for Case Logic!
-Jeff Warde, Marketing Manager, Case Logic, CO

You are a real pro–the pleasure was all mine, I will keep you in mind for any on camera talent positions.
-Donnie, Sun Studios, Dream Time Entertainment
(shooting for HGTV)

You have a great on air presence– you looked great, thanks for a great presentation!
-Nancy Doubler, Art Bin/Flambeau

Thank you so much for helping us out! You did fantastic! I could not stop watching!
I was so intrigued. Good job!
-Tracee McAfee-Gates, President, Diversified Concepts Inc, OH

She (Vonabell) is an A-1 Professional
-Sue Bettenhausen, e6 Product Marketing

You did great, your presentation was awesome!
-Leah Fouse, Buyer

Thank you again for everything, I love how prepared you always are!
-Erin Kreuger,  Supervising Producer

I have all the professional confidence in you, thank you for representing this product for us; we are so grateful and appreciative of you.
Thanks for your hard diligent work on this product…exceptional effort!
-Lynda LaFair, TV Goods, FL

Thanks so much again for all your help in getting the “Then Sings my Soul” books sold on air. You did such a great job!
-Beverly Watson, Key Account Manager, Thomas Nelson Publishers, TN

Always a pleasure to work with!
-Amy Petrocelli, Product Partners

I have total confidence in Vonabell. She is the most competent and professional guest talent I have worked with. She has perfected both demos.
-Diane Ham, President of Channel Management Inc., Panasonic Products

We are very happy with your performance.
-Richard Elden, DBest Products CA

I am completely confident in Vonabell’s professional abilities.
Earle Batt, Panasonic Sales Manager

I am overjoyed with your performance…Great job!
-Jerry Brown, Duggan and Brown, Naples, FL

I appreciate all that you did for us and would absolutely recommend you and/or use your services again if the opportunity came up.
-Jon Sherman, Bottom Line Sales Group CA

Saw the 11am segment and you did great!
-Jason Davis , CEO ,Thermax, LA

You did a FABULOUS demo today. Thanks for everything.
-Lisa Test, product rep

It is always a relief to know you can bring someone on board with a client and the client will always be thrilled with their work. You are a star.
Robin Kay, President
Tampa Bay Talent and Models

Vonabell is a trademark of Vonabell Inc. On-Air Talent 2011.
All media on this site are copyright of their respective owners and may not be used without permission.

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